Blizzcon 2015 – Trailers and Cinematics.. Yes please.


Today is the first day of the annual Blizzard Games fanboy/girl event we know as Blizzcon. Its always jam packed with news and announcements pertaining to all the games and other mass media that Blizzard Entertainment produces.  Its definitely the highlight of my Geek year as I play and consume pretty much everything Blizzard touches. I only wish I could be there to participate in person, maybe next year.

I am not going to even attempt to begin to cover all the goodness that is coming out of Blizzcon today.  Instead I will point you towards the following websites which I am sure you are already well aware of.  Blizzard Watch, Wowhead, and MMO Champion.  You can find all the nerdy goodness you can process there.

I will however post the fun game cinematic’s and the Warcraft movie trailer below to have them all in one easy to find place for your and my own viewing pleasure.  I’ve said it before and I will say it again.  Its a great time to be a geek.

Warcraft: The Movie Trailer.


World of Warcraft – Legion opening cinematic.


Starcraft II – Legacy of the Void


Hearthstone – The League of Explorers Cinematic Trailer


More to come as they become available.

Game Over? Not really..



sym12.7.14It finally happened today.  I came to the point in ‘World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor’ where I decided it was okay for me to call it good for this expansion.  The Legendary Ring quest line is finished.  Archimonde has been taken down and Guldan sent to our real time frame.  The Draenor Pathfinder Flying meta achievement has been finished (For weeks now), and for some reason I felt compelled to gather 150,000 Apexis crystals for the Corrupted Dreadwing flying mount. It is a pretty bad ass looking mount.  No regrets in doing that at all.

I had much higher ambitions in mind when Draenor was first announced. I wanted to to be at least a Heroic Raider and be able to dedicate the time necessary to the game to raid at that level, but it was not to be. There are a multitude of reasons for my failure at that mostly involving this thing called real life and my work schedule getting completely flipped upside down. Having to be at work while your guild is raiding sucks beyond belief. There was nothing I could do about it. The other was that I realized during the multiple Imperator wipes that I really no longer had the patience or the gamer skills necessary to be what I wanted to be. Reality can be a cruel mistress, but it is what it is. It did not take me long to realize that my skills were never going to be at the level needed for the boss fights as they are in this modern Warcraft era.

So, I made the simple goal of finishing off this expansion as best I could as a dirty non raiding casual. I set my goals of which I listed above and set out on my grindy, LFR dominated journey of mediocrity. I am glad it is done. I don’t feel compelled at all to have to continue on for any reason other than maybe to log on when I get bored and knock off some achievements like always happens when waiting for a new expansion. I do have a few alts to work on but they have never been a huge focus for me.

I admit, I have had some issues with this expansion. I think everyone has. If your reading this your more than likely very aware of most of the short comings Warlords of Draenor had.

Personally, I thought this expansion was entirely too easy. I’ve posted on this topic before, but I will say it again. A person should not be able to do all the content in a MASSIVE MULTI PLAYER game playing solo. Its just one of those things. I appreciate the concept of LFR and understand the different level of rewards for harder content, but at its core I simply feel like its a flawed concept. I do not deserve a Archimonde kill if I play a solo game. Perhaps Blizzard will figure out a way to reward the solo player adequately in the future. I hope they can.

Here is the biggest issue as I see it. I remember back in Classic (vanilla) Wow when hanging out in Orgrimmar and seeing that one character in the elite guild posing in brand new Dragonstalker (Tier 2) Armor.  It gave off a sense of wonder and  awesomeness that made a person strive to get better and find a way on to a 40 man raiding guild that was able to do the content. That driving factor really doesn’t exist anymore. It hasn’t for quite some time. Why should it when end game is available to every scrub who plays that is willing to go through the toxicity that is a LFR raid. But I digress.

The No flying thing did not personally bother me at all. Blizzard made the game so easy you could essentially fly to pretty much everywhere you needed to go.  If you couldn’t there was always Aviana’s Feather to use. If you didn’t get one, well that is your own fault.

There were plenty of other issues I could expand on (cough cough Garrisons cough) but I won’t.  I still love this game.  It is a fantastic way to kill some time and have fun doing it.  I love the how the story is progressing and now after ten years feel like most people do and and am fully invested in my character/s and what happens to them in the future.

I only hope the Blizzard devs listen to the non toxic part of the community and begin to push the game to a direction that can make us all happy (impossible, I know).  If not, well there is always Hearthstone, Heroes of the storm, Starcraft, Diablo, or even the upcoming Overwatch.  I think we are going to be fine.



There Are Still Some Good Ones Out There

Here is the thing, LFR (Looking For Raid) raids in World of Warcraft kind of suck.  Yes, they are cool in that they let the us casuals and those who are not able to raid regularly see the bosses and end game content.  Yes, it is nice that they allow us to fight our way to the end game and see the cool cinematic and give us all some sense of accomplishment after all the long hours we put into our toons prior.  And yes, it is nice that it gives us a way to gather the materials needed for the grind that is the legendary ring quests.  But over all, the LFR experience usually leaves me questioning whether I want to bother trying to get through it again next week.  This is due 100% to the fact that LFR is populated by most of the biggest Douche Bags in the game.

I categorize the LFR jerks into two classes. Raiders who do not really need to be doing LFR who go out their way to make damn sure all the rest of us in there know it, and the Keyboard tough guys who have such abhorrent personalities that they have quite literally been kicked out of most of the raid guilds they have managed to get in to and have not learned their lesson yet. You know the types,  the kind that try and boot people who might stand in the goo too long. The types who after a wipe love to call out the person who might be lacking a bit in the heals or DPS and love to spam the meters to prove their point.  The types who think its fun to pick fights and swear like sailors simply because the other people cant really fight back.  These people do not bother to check and see if maybe these people they are harassing might be in the raid for the first time and are not familiar with the fight.  Maybe their raiding on a toon they are not overly familiar with in a raid situation, etc.  In the end, it does not matter and there is really nothing we can do about it other than put them on ignore or put up with it.

I find it refreshing then when something happens like what happened last night.  I was in a LFR group and we had just finished wiping on Kilrogg Deadeye in Hellfire Citadel.  We managed to get him to 15% on the first attempt.  It was due entirely to the fact that most of us were not very familiar with the mechanics of the fight.  We lost the standard four to five players after the obligatory name calling including the tank.  So we sat there and waited a couple of minutes until a new Tank zoned in.  The first thing he said was simply, ‘hmm, wiped on Kilrogg eh?  We can fix this”.  Then all of a sudden markers started to appear and he, through the snark and negative comments in chat, proceeded to hand out specific yet simple instructions as to how to win the fight. Never once did a single negative comment come through him in chat.  Then guess what happened.  People actually followed the strategy he laid out and Kilrogg went down without a single death in the raid.  I was shocked a little because he was getting a little push back as he was trying to help.  But we won and then he led us on to finish that wing of the raid.

My personal thought is that it was refreshing to see someone come into a LFR raid and attempt to lead and also have enough sense to not let the idiots get to him.  I want to send out a personal Thank you to FRICKLEFRACK from the Blackrock server.  This game needs more players like him.  Lok’tar Ogar sir.

Blizzard Presentation from Gamescon 2015

So here it is.  The presentation in its entirety from Gamescon 2015 announcing the upcoming ‘World of Warcraft: Legion’ expansion.  I have been slowly processing info as I can today.  I am all of a sudden very much looking forward to the future of Warcraft  again.  I felt the same way about Warlords of Draenor and was let down though, so I am trying to keep my hype level to a fairly low level.  It wont happen.



This link goes to Blizzards twitch stream recording of the event.



World of Warcraft: Legion Videos

So Blizzard Entertainment made a big announcement this morning concerning the next World of Warcraft expansion from Gamescon.  It looks like they are finally releasing the Burning Legion on us again.  I don’t have a lot of comments to say at the moment as I literally just woke up and haven’t read through it all yet.  For now, I am going to post the teaser cinematic and feature preview videos here now for posterity and your entertainment.  I will post more thoughts on the expansion later.




Did they say DEMON HUNTERS?

Of Twitter users and the Follow Back.

I love Twitter.  I use it daily.  I wish I had 10,000 followers who were interested in my useless drivel.  I like to post about what I am doing in World of Warcraft or what ever other geeky thing I am doing at the time.  I was just looking at who had recently unfollowed me after I lost a small group of people who had recently followed my Twitter feed. Which is fine, we all are not going to be compatible with each other. The major reason seems to be that I did not follow back after they followed me. For the record, here are some reasons I will probably not follow you back if you follow me.

1. Language barriers: I speak and read in English and cannot read Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French or any other language that is foreign to me. I am sure your foreign language tweets are amazing, but if i cant read them then they are just clutter to me. Sorry, I guess I should blame my public school upbringing.
2. Generation gap: I am 45 years old, while I appreciate the new techno savvy world you kids and all of us are in now, we really aren’t going to have much to say to each other if your say, under the age of 20. I have two daughters ages 24 and 25. I love them, but they irritate me mostly, as does most of their generation. This is a normal thing.
3. Streamer accounts.. I make many exceptions for outstanding and informative streamers, but don’t look for me to follow back if your the typical foul mouthed young Twitch streamer who likes playing that god awful electronical dance music nonstop while you stream. I am hoping to get into streaming myself in the near future. Hopefully there is a niche market out there for my people.
4. Spam: I will not follow back your lame picture spam accounts or any other kind of spammy account types. In fact you will get blocked and reported.

People I will follow back are people who love video games and Geek culture as much as I do. People I feel I can learn from, be entertained by, and people who have respect for other peoples opinions.

Fair enough? Awesome.. May Odin be with you and I will see you in the twitterverse.


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